St. Matthew Lutheran Church

When Brandon (Creative Director at Mighty Megaphone) was asked to develop a brand for the church that raised him, he was so excited to support the place that nurtured his faith. Below is the letter that he wrote to the congregation after developing the branding, photography, and website for St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa.



Our Visual Identity
The new visual identity for St. Matthew Lutheran Church is my “thank you” note back to the congregation that raised me. I was baptized as an infant here in 1980, was part of the preschool and VBS programs as a child, had my first communion, and was confirmed at St. Matthew. I spent most of my high school weekends in the youth room hanging out in this safe space with other church friends. Later, the people of St. Matthew sent me off to work at a Lutheran summer camp in Colorado where I worked for four seasons.

Because I grew up here, I know every nook and cranny of this building, and even though I am not an active member here anymore, I still visit about once a quarter. Currently, my family worships at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ELCA) in the St. Louis area where we all participate in the life of this very vibrant congregation.

My parents are still active at St. Matthew and I try to visit when I’m back in Davenport, as many of the faces that are there are faces I grew up with. After nearly two decades of being in the marketing and design industry, I reached that full circle moment when I was hired by the council of St. Matthew to help inject new life into the church by developing a unique visual identity that would become a timeless communication tool when working in community, to serve not just the northwest section of Davenport, but the greater Quad City area.

I want to thank past and present souls of St. Matthew for sculpting me into a useful member of the ELCA, where I can share my time and talent, and for allowing me this opportunity to help you shine again.

The emblem that I’ve designed is a representation of one of my favorite perspectives in the sanctuary. I remember when the diamond stain glass window (above the choir loft) was installed, and I have always loved the juxtaposition between it and the cross which is suspended above the altar. I love that you can line yourself up to get that cross right in perfect symmetry with the window,  and it suddenly becomes something greater than just a window and pieces of wood. Notice in our emblem the cross,  with the sunlight behind it from the window. I believe a lot of our spiritual direction is based upon our perspective in life, and I hope when you set foot into the sanctuary, after being greeted in the narthex, that you take a moment and check your perspective – not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well.

This is our moment to work as a team, the body of Christ, not only to be thankful for our opportunity to meet once again, but to take our spiritual practice outside of these walls, and build something bigger in the Quad Cities and beyond. I’m proud of our heritage, and hope these new tools help attract more brothers and sisters into the fold.

I’m thankful that you and I get to continue the ministry of St. Matthew together.

Brandon Wade


You can learn more about St. Matthew by visiting their website.