6 Reasons you should be using MailChimp

  1. It’s Free!  MailChimp is a free service up until your mailing list reaches 2,000 contacts.

  2. User-Friendly!  MailChimp’s plug-&-play design makes it a very intuitive and easy to use system.

  3. Manage More than Email! MailChimp is much more than just a newsletter platform it is great for collating and collecting all of your contacts.

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    1. Industry Standard! MailChimp is used across businesses types because it is the most versatile of any similar platform.

    2. Desktop & Mobile Friendly! MailChimp is an excellent platform on any device.

    3. Templates! MailChimp is easy to create and use templates are great for creating a unified look that reflects your website, facebook, blog, and your overall design identity.