Crossings is a Christian online resource and community centered around applying bible text with everyday life. When we partnered to to bring them into there next phase, and with the goal of reaching a new group of readers. We worked hard not to just create a brand, website and video series, but a new streamlined pipeline for how they create, build and deliver content.

Established some four decades ago, our aim was to give Crossings a new visual life, give it a refresh, and to help them build up there meaningful brand.

Starting with the branding, we developed a logo signature that had timeless elements but rendered in a color palette that was based on current trends, to attract contemporary eyes. The emblem itself illustrates some of the theory behind the teachings of Crossings, “Being grounded in The Word, but tracked across our everyday lives”. The center block signifies individuality, parts of a greater whole. The the “C” container is broken beyond itself to denote the “breaking beyond our own selves” to get out and live the teachings.

Crossings website was updated to be mobile friendly, easy to access information, and styled to reflect modern design elements. Photography was captured to create textures that reflected the “churchy feel.”

We traveled around the St. Louis metro area, and Colorado to produce quality and personal vignettes about people that have used the Crossings teachings in their everyday life.


To learn more about Crossings visit their website,

Note: this work was produced under our Mighty Megaphone brand, which is a child company of Unify Creative Agency.