Fatal Mistakes In Online Business Website Design

Fatal Mistakes In Online Business Website Design

Company website is a representation and gateway of your business. Hundreds if not thousands of people will see a website and get a solution. What they see there and how they interact will determine the success or failure of a website and not impossible for your online business.

Here are some mistakes that are often experienced by business websites no matter whether your business is large, medium or small.

1 – Unclear Website Design

Visitors or visitors to your business website must know what exactly is the content of your website. The purpose of your business website must be clear and there should be no things that confuse visitors. You should put your company logo at the top and if you have a tagline it should be immediately visible to visitors. In this case, your website design is very influential in representing what your online business website actually means.

2 – Difficult Website Design

If the visitor already knows what the contents of your website are, the mistake that often occurs is a website design that makes it difficult. We recommend that your website design makes it easier for visitors with clear and simple navigation.

3 – Website Design That Does Not Involve Social Media

Social media is now an important aspect in the lives of many people. You have to make sure that your website design has a connection to social media such as Twitter, Facebook and others. We recommend that in your website design visitors can see the presence of social media icons.

4 – Website Design That Is Only Good For One Browser

Although most website visitors enter the website through the internet explorer browser, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the appearance of your website design in other browsers. Other browsers such as mozilla firefox, google chrome and apple safari are also significant in contributing to traffic. Make sure your website design looks attractive for all browsers.

5 – Website Design That Is Too Crowded

You should have a clean website design and have some open space that looks clean. A study shows that people are more attracted to websites that follow basic design principles. We recommend that you stay away from website designs that are too crowded and confusing.

Website Design That Ignores Mobile Users

6 – Website Design That Ignores Mobile Users

About 35 percent of website visitors come from mobile applications. Often we visit a website from a smartphone application and a website design that was originally good on a notebook looks messy on a mobile device. This should be avoided and you should make your website design look good for mobile applications too.

7 – Slow and Heavy Website Design

Video is an interesting thing in a website. If your website needs videos to display then you can do it. But if you’re just going along with including video into your website design and it makes your website heavy and slow then don’t do it.

8 – Website design that is too expensive

You pay a lot of money to work on a website design even though you can get it in other places that are more budget friendly. If you are paying too much for a cutting-edge website design when you don’t need it then you should look for another website design service that provides website design with good quality and affordable prices.

Website design that is not updated

9 – Website design that is not updated

Visitors ioncasino.cc as well as search engines like websites that have content that is constantly updated. Do not leave your website without updating at all because it will appear that your business is not professional. Do regular content updates on your website.

10 – Website Design That Has No Interaction

A good website design must have interaction for its visitors because of course you want them to be involved on your website and ultimately generate sales. Make user comments, hold contests and other things that involve visitors.

11 – Website Design That Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

It is important to have a website design that represents your brand. You must ensure that your website reflects and conveys a message about your business.

12 – Website Design with low resolution

You have to make sure that your website design and all the images on your website are high resolution. Using low resolution images will make the website look unprofessional.

13 – Website Design That Doesn’t Have a Mailing List

The choice for a mailing list in website design is very necessary because from here you can stay connected with your visitors who can later become your customers. You can use several services such as auto responder email service such as constant contact, aweber or get response.

So, pay attention to the fatal mistakes in the world of website design above so you can avoid them. Do you need a quality website design? See the details here .

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