5 Things to Avoid in Website Design

Website Design

The website is one of the most important parts in business because the website functions as a means or center of information about the company. The better the website you have, the better the business that will be carried out later, therefore there are some things you should pay attention to and avoid in making a website.

Jakarta creative agencies always say that a good website is one that has good navigation because it will be very influential when visitors see your website.

5 things to avoid in website design

The following are 5 things to avoid in website design :

1 – Poor Navigation

Visitors access the website, because of one thing, namely the need for specific information. It will make visitors frustrated and immediately leave the website if they do not immediately get the core information from the website and the company.

Good navigation of a website will make visitors comfortable to access the website and get a lot of information from each part of the website page. Of course this will increase the number of potential visitors which will also have an effect on increasing sales, which is the main goal of creating a website.

Website navigation has 2 main influences, namely usability and accessibility, so navigation is an important part that must be a concern. The essence of navigation is the ease with which visitors can move from one page to another. Never confuse visitors that they are on which part of the website, and where to go to get more complete product/service information.

2 – No Invitation Words

The basic mistake of many web companies or online businesses is to use a lot of writing and convoluted explanations without ending with an invitation sentence, such as an invitation to register, buy, contact the admin, etc.

Bringing a lot of visitors to the company’s website is very important, but it will be in vain if visitors do not take an action that benefits the company.

The question that often arises from visitors or potential customers is “What’s in it for me?” and “What should I do?”.

So to invite website visitors to immediately buy products or use your services, explain in advance to visitors, “What are the advantages of buying products or using your services” and “What to do if visitors are really interested in buying products or services”.

Color And Contrast

3 – Poor Color And Contrast

The choice of color and contrast on the website is not a top priority, but it must still be considered. Because if the color of the text does not have sufficient contrast with the background color, then the text is difficult to read, especially for visitors who have visual impairments or are color blind.

The default color used is black (#000000) for the text, and white (#FFFFFF) for the background. Or the background can be reduced to (#DDDDDD) so it’s not too dazzling. To try, there is an interesting tool to determine the contrast color: Color Contrast Check

4 – Unclear and Convoluted Content

Related to points 1 and 2, what visitors need is short, concise and clear information. If the content of the company’s website contains information that is unclear, convoluted, and there is no link from one https://www.fafafa.info/ information to another that is related, this will be very boring for visitors.

The habit of visitors when entering a website page, they will quickly read the first 1-2 paragraphs. If they feel that the content is not what they are looking for, then visitors will see at a glance the overall appearance of the website. If there is still nothing interesting, then visitors will immediately leave the website.

To avoid this, create a table of contents/content hierarchy in an easily visible place and size, making it easier for visitors to find the information they need. If the amount of website content is too much, choose some that are important to visitors.

5 – Irregular Display

One more mistake that often occurs on company websites is the appearance of a chaotic website. This is because there is a lot of information that you want to display and cram into one page, especially on the home page. Not to mention if you add ads, either image ads or text ads in the header, sidebar, or footer.