Why Choose Responsive Web Design

Why Choose Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has changed the scenario of how businesses appear online. Responsive web design was introduced to the world in 2010 and is being used properly from 2015 onwards. Since then, the responsive website has gone through many changes.

Responsive Website

Responsive websites help change the layout to offer an experience based on the device used, which is ideal for mobile viewing, for example you can see sbobetcasino.id.

There are various design elements included in a responsive website. There is no horizontal scrolling, there is sufficient space for the tap target and you can read the text without enlarging it.

A website with responsive web design is a website that is able to adjust the screen used, regardless of the device we are on. Users usually scroll vertically on the device and not horizontally. If we try to force open it horizontally it will result in a bad user experience. You can avoid such problems with

  • Do not use large fixed width elements.
  • Content should not depend on a particular point of view.

Responsive Websites: The Need of the Time

With increasing digitization, the world has become very dependent on smart devices, especially telephones. In previous years, only 25% of people used their cell phone to surf the internet. As the use of these devices increases, so does the need for responsive websites. In 2016, desktop usage was overtaken by mobile use, which shows how people prefer mobile phones and tablets to desktops and laptops. This is the sole reason for investing in responsive web design.

It basically helps to show website in general view on any device. Every new discovery comes with many benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Cost Effective

It’s better to build one responsive website than to create two separate websites, one for mobile and one for desktop. Initial costs should be high but overall low maintenance costs.

2. Website Maintenance

Responsive websites are low maintenance. It takes less time to prepare. Maintenance of one website is easier than two websites. It doesn’t seem to take time either.

3. Increase in Traffic Due to Addition of Cellular Users

Previous businesses had to create two versions of the same website, one must be desktop friendly and the other mobile friendly. Now, we only need one website which supports all devices. This helps to get a large number of mobile viewers. Viewers can also visit the website at a later time, according to their convenience.

4. Provides an Uninterrupted User Experience

This is one of the biggest benefits of a responsive website. An unresponsive website might not cause a problem for desktop viewers, but it certainly creates a problem on mobile as websites generally appear distorted on phones and tablets. This creates problems for users to use the website seamlessly. This will lead to loss of traffic, to avoid it you can evaluate your website design. The final benefit will result in more than what was initially spent.

5. Adaptable to All Screen Sizes

It has great adaptability to such a design, it is able to adapt itself and meet the needs of future devices. It can even fit the screen to the size of a smartwatch or IoT operated device.

6. SEO friendly Responsive Website

It is likely that a responsive website will rank higher. Quality of content will help increase user waiting time. Google recommends creating a responsive website. This will help with SEO too

7. Increase in Lead Generation, Sales, and Conversions

A responsive website helps generate efficient leads for your business. A website that can be accessed on any device makes good sales and delivers large conversions, resulting in high conversion rates.

8. Being in the forefront of competitors

A responsive website may have upfront costs, but it will definitely provide good competition to other website development companies. This can help in achieving company targets. Statistics show that not even 44% of total mobile companies have responsive websites, which will be of great benefit to those who own them.

9. Working Together

What better if we can find an all in one package for something? A responsive website can help achieve this goal. It can perform analysis, tracking and reporting all in one place.

There are various web development companies developing desirable websites using the latest bootstrap technology to be compatible with:

  • Computer
  • Smart phone
  • Smart watch
  • Tablet
  • Laptop

The web development company supervises the testing of this website on various browsers like google chrome, internet explorer, safari, etc.

Google has provided certain protocols and algorithms to follow which will help all websites

  • The website must be user friendly.
  • The website must be cost effective.
  • The website must provide good competition for the application
  • Conversion rate to be high.

Final Conclusion

These are some of the main reasons why we should use responsive websites. This article answers all the basic questions that come to our minds when we hear about “Responsive websites”, the need for responsive web design or how a website designing company in India has changed the business scenario of using responsive web design.