8 Common Misconceptions About Web Design and Development

8 Common Misconceptions About Web Design and DevelopmentToday, companies rely more on online marketing, so that the pressure of having a successful website is so high. However, some employers have misconceptions about how a web designer / web developer to work.

In the following article, we try to discuss some joint discussion between business people about web design. Also include a discussion about how to resolve this misunderstanding.

1. The web design is easy to do

is that web design is easily one of the most dangerous misconceptions. This is clearly not. Web Designer must spend time coding for all appearances in it. Each layout also requires the perfect flair for creativity may reflect a brand.

Each chart requires research, and above all, it must be made from scratch. complex sites are not cheap. So when one day you look in awe to see the beautiful web, keep in mind that it takes hundreds of hours (on a budget) to do so.

2. The designer should promptly respond to all requests

Many of them choose a career as a web designer because they have a passion for web design and freely choose their time to work. Everyone works differently, some even not productive during working hours 8: 00-16: 00 must be understood when working with the design team.

Maybe it’s a good idea for a designer to tell you begin to accept the job. If your design team more productive at night, do not expect a response to email at 8:00 am.

If a designer does not work on Sundays, you have to wait until Monday to ask for the desired change. Just as you want your time to meet the design team you want to be respected as well. Be sure to watch the production demand of all people before the project starts you know the best time to ask for a change and when you expect a response.

3. All teams should be involved in the process

Everyone that section, the programmer does not need to know what points will be posted on your blog. And author of the content you do not need to know how to blog is built. You must ensure the right to initiate a meeting, and your employees can focus on their part of the project.

4. The web site is completed, the job is finished

web design should not be limited to the work even if it is launched at the agreed time. the web is constantly changing, and web sites need to be constantly updated to follow the trend of technology and development.

Google algorithm, which changes frequently, is also one factor that your site will continue to be developed several times over several years. The site also had to be maintained to ensure that the Web operate stably.

Web developers have to constantly check for broken links, UX (user experience), and functionality. Similarly, SEO content standards and rules are always changing, so your site should be frequently updated if you want the best search results. You have to understand when hiring a web on your website development service will keep your website in order.

Web Design5. Once the site is completed; then the web is flooded with traffic

Customers often think that when the site is complete, the web will be flooded with visitors.

Web designer job is to make sure your site is optimized for the user experience, aesthetics and function, and not the work they are promoting. This is where marketing strategies should be implemented, such as writing and marketing strategies content in social media must be involved.

Build your business on the web site is teamwork. This requires a good combination of effective marketing and web optimization. So, do not just assume that the launch website your site will be crowded, it is a continuous effort.

6. Anyone can create a website

There are many tools for easy web building to use. Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that anyone can create a professional website. This is not true. snapshot tool can indeed be used to build a web in quick time. But to build a professional web requires a lot of development as bukalapak, tokedia, AFP, whenever another etc are always adding features and services every year.

Every web developer should understand the needs of customers to its website, and sometimes that can be made using an instant. So before you start a business, you should consider using the services of a web developer or use the tools that are already available.

7. I want to just copy and paste the competitor’s website

Your competitors can in fact provide an overview of valuable business. But after visiting web of a competitor is not true. Each unique look will give a different image for your business.

8. Web design should cost

One of the most frustrating misconception is that web design should cost. Perhaps at first glance, a simple site that is very well easy to do. But the reality is the opposite. A site have this function and the perfect appearance is the result of the experience and talent of the designer / developer.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize the talent to create beautiful sites. If you think the site is an investment, your brand, then you will be able to determine the value of a work for yourself.

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