5 Web Design Facts You Need to Know

5 Web Design Facts You Need to KnowThe web is a page that contains a lot of multimedia such as images, videos, text, and others. The web is a land of creativity that is very sensitive to appearance. A person’s desire to access a site is influenced by how comfortable and attractive a site to be seen. Many sites have been around for a long time and are familiar but over time, we as users get bored and start leaving sites that don’t adapt to existing display trends.

Therefore website content is vital because it can be a power to attract visitors to the products we market. Therefore there are some interesting facts from a website that will make you better know how to properly manage your site. Check out some of the facts:

1. Design is a weapon to attract attention

Design doesn’t have to be complicated. The design is simple but makes it easy for users to be ideal for attracting attention. Due to a fact according to a report from Nielson Norman Group, “How Users Read on the Web” that a successful site with a clear and scannable layout has a 47% increase in usability. This means that design is something that can significantly influence the desire of visitors to explore our website. Then form a simple page, different from the others, but focus on the information provided. So users are very easy to find your superior product. Give a color that really reflects the identity of your company, this will help in strengthening the brand there are different from others. Finally, use Heat Maps to analyze the buttons or links most frequently clicked by visitors, do regular evaluations and updates.

2. Different Browsers = Different Processes

Actually the purpose of various browser platforms is the same, namely displaying an HTML language in order to display web pages in accordance with what the developer has designed. But in fact each browser has a different mechanism in interpreting a code created by the developer. This means that the display that is accessed by the Firefox browser is different from the display in your Chrome. All depends on the browser policy itself. Because sometimes developers make a feature that not all browsers can adapt. So no wonder, there are some who are biased towards certain browsers.

3. Responsive web design vs. mobile web design.

Many people think that responsive web with mobile web has the same code in coding it. Though in fact most developers when creating a mobile web will definitely make a desktop web, which will make developers have to make different code so that it can be displayed multiplatform. Responsive web is the solution, responsive web is different from mobile web because it has the same design code but can be flexible on various platforms. Responsive web design will use the same resources but with certain techniques can make images, typography and navigation options look maximum and are equally good both on desktop and mobile. As an example of a web design that is responsive to mobile or desktop

5 Web Design Facts You Need to Know4. Templates limit your creativity.

Templates are convenience. Templates are a practical way to design your website, but true templates are rigid frameworks and cannot be modified more intensely. Because sometimes an idea or creativity appears suddenly and requires a large canvas to be able to manifest it. Templates make you limited to painting on canvas. Try to start making your website pages with designs that can be arranged freely whenever you want.

5. 2 years old?

The development of technology is very fast. Likewise with the website. The development of the website’s latest technology, the latest coding standards, compatibility updates between browsers, changes in the standard search algorithm (SEO) must always be considered at all times by the developer team so that they can always follow the trends. Then your page must always be updated and modified gradually to continue to maintain your visitors. 2 years is too long a period to do it. Do it early!

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