5 Web Design Facts You Need to Know

5 Web Design Facts You Need to KnowThe web is a page that contains a lot of multimedia such as images, videos, text, and others. The web is a land of creativity that is very sensitive to appearance. A person’s desire to access a site is influenced by how comfortable and attractive a site to be seen. Many sites have been around for a long time and are familiar but over time, we as users get bored and start leaving sites that don’t adapt to existing display trends.

Therefore website content is vital because it can be a power to attract visitors to the products we market. Therefore there are some interesting facts from a website that will make you better know how to properly manage your site. Check out some of the facts:

1. Design is a weapon to attract attention

Design doesn’t have to be complicated. The design is simple but makes it easy for users to be ideal for attracting attention. Due to a fact according to a report from Nielson Norman Group, “How Users Read on the Web” that a successful site with a clear and scannable layout has a 47% increase in usability. This means that design is something that can significantly influence the desire of visitors to explore our website. Then form a simple page, different from the others, but focus on the information provided. So users are very easy to find your superior product. Give a color that really reflects the identity of your company, this will help in strengthening the brand there are different from others. Finally, use Heat Maps to analyze the buttons or links most frequently clicked by visitors, do regular evaluations and updates.

2. Different Browsers = Different Processes

Actually the purpose of various browser platforms is the same, namely displaying an HTML language in order to display web pages in accordance with what the developer has designed. But in fact each browser has a different mechanism in interpreting a code created by the developer. This means that the display that is accessed by the Firefox browser is different from the display in your Chrome. All depends on the browser policy itself. Because sometimes developers make a feature that not all browsers can adapt. So no wonder, there are some who are biased towards certain browsers.

3. Responsive web design vs. mobile web design.

Many people think that responsive web with mobile web has the same code in coding it. Though in fact most developers when creating a mobile web will definitely make a desktop web, which will make developers have to make different code so that it can be displayed multiplatform. Responsive web is the solution, responsive web is different from mobile web because it has the same design code but can be flexible on various platforms. Responsive web design will use the same resources but with certain techniques can make images, typography and navigation options look maximum and are equally good both on desktop and mobile. As an example of a web design that is responsive to mobile or desktop

5 Web Design Facts You Need to Know4. Templates limit your creativity.

Templates are convenience. Templates are a practical way to design your website, but true templates are rigid frameworks and cannot be modified more intensely. Because sometimes an idea or creativity appears suddenly and requires a large canvas to be able to manifest it. Templates make you limited to painting on canvas. Try to start making your website pages with designs that can be arranged freely whenever you want.

5. 2 years old?

The development of technology is very fast. Likewise with the website. The development of the website’s latest technology, the latest coding standards, compatibility updates between browsers, changes in the standard search algorithm (SEO) must always be considered at all times by the developer team so that they can always follow the trends. Then your page must always be updated and modified gradually to continue to maintain your visitors. 2 years is too long a period to do it. Do it early!

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Things to Look For to Make Web Design Friendly

Things to Look For to Make Web Design Friendly

Web design is one of the most important aspects for a modern world business, especially if a company sells products on the web. Why we said like that? For example, you can imagine it at website casino online, which is provide so many various game like roulette online, blackjack online, baccarat and so on that the navigation not properly placement. It can make member uncomfortable to play and very critical problem. So at here we’re going give you 6 simple tips to help you create a website design friendly.

  1. Simple navigation and User Experience
    When creating a website, it is very important that Surabaya web design service providers consider the user experience. By simplifying it, visitors will feel at home, who will spend more time on the site that you create and it is very possible to buy a product or service. Make sure navigation is clear and simple, making it easier for users to navigate from one page to another. Try also to make navigation easy to understand. By using common words like “home, about, blog, support”, users can easily choose their page.
  2. Time to Load the site
    When loading your site is important for user satisfaction. No user wants to wait for a page to load that is too long. By reducing page load time, your users will be happier and more likely to navigate from one page to another on your site instead of leaving because it loads a long page. Minimize website loading time by limiting video files, photos, flash, and other large files.
  3. Easy to read and typographic
    Users must be able to understand information on your site quickly and easily. By using clean fonts, you can effectively simplify the process and help your users be happier when they visit your site. This is very important for sites with long articles. If you have long articles or newspaper articles, be sure to focus on your typography, otherwise readers won’t be able to see as much information as possible at one time.
    Some options to focus on are font options, color combinations, and distances. Choose carefully, the font is easy to read, works with simple colors and spatial elements on your page to keep the design clean and uncluttered.
  4. Ease of use
    It’s important to be able to use your site in many browsers, devices, and screen sizes. This will help you create a better experience for your entire audience and have more users on your site, even if they use a mobile device.
  5. Harmonious visual design
    Visual images or images are the main elements or elements of the design. Images can be used as a sweetener, counterweight or points of interest. The selection of images must conform to the general theme and character of the website design. The composition of images with other elements should also be appropriate. Sometimes websites require large images (almost full screen) to give a given impression. Combined with smaller portions of text, there are also websites with more text composition and images only. The composition between the image and the text depends on the theme and the character you want to create.
    What is important is to choose, place and arrange images wisely, not to mention the quality of the image itself. Another thing to note is the size of the file. The loading speed of web pages depends largely on the size of the file, especially images, especially for Indonesians, where the speed of Internet access is generally below average.
  6. Simple layout
    The layout or design of the layout is as simple as possible, minimizing unimportant elements, maximizing space (distance between elements). Websites with good layout, easy navigation, visitors easily find something and quickly find what they are looking for.
    A messy layout makes visitors difficult and takes longer to find something. Bad placement, misplacement of points of interest and random layout.

Golden Rules of Effective Web Design

Golden Rules of Effective Web Design

The web site, whether personal or professional, it should not only have a professional appearance in visual design. With the idea that web sites should be structural and interactive, it makes sense to talk about service-oriented Web design. The main aim of web design is to meet the demands and expectations of visitors. To do this, you must have an effective web design. Well, the problem is clear. You may not promote your web site with a bad design. With the implementation of a bad design and web design errors such as insufficient loading time, the overall appearance of the bad, bad content, bad navigation, browser compatibility, elements that interfere with such animated graphics, animations, chip bad organization, etc. There are no meta tags, etc. and others can only kill the interest of your visitors or destroy your business, but disable the basic ethical standards of web design.

In addition to offering commercial or commercial information, your website should provide an effective user interface. It must have a nominal value because it directly reflects your personality or your business. In other words, the balance between the structure and the look with good content is your main objective for effective web design. From here you can get significant traffic, popularity for your judi online terpercaya site get more traffic.

Every web site has a deciding factor with significant detail and structure unique in terms of design, markup, content, features, and functionality. But no matter what’s the difference between your web site and other web sites, has only one and special purpose for visitors. Consider the golden rule is to have an effective web design.

Make your web site simple and make sure everything is clear. Most visitors expect some web design standards. The best layout simple yet interactive, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and eBay. This is the type that defines the layout of the standard with all logos, navigation links, and the content in the right place.

Having the right navigation menu. This web site has too many pages and only suitable for implementing structural and functional navigation links to each page. Explore your visitors with navigation menu that is easy to use and accessible.

Wake up your site with a meaningful title and well-trained. This element shows the title that shows the title bar of your browser. This helps visitors find detailed meaning of your site, such as your main content header.

Use color sparingly. Use the color scheme to add your website properly to make it more professional. Using a good color combination for your site seems to be more exciting than having a web site with a different color.

Preserve consistency Using CSS styles is one of the best Web design practices in the Web environment. CSS styles save time and help you maintain consistency. Mastering CSS styles allow you to maintain and update your web site easily. With CSS, your web site will be accessible to visitors and search engines. In addition, the design of each page of your site with a hyperlink, background, and the same navigation menu. Have a web design template is also an effective approach to maintain consistency in your site.

The standard markup. HTML and XHTML code Ahold of you. Knowing the proper use of markup is very useful for accessibility, usability and compatibility. A good knowledge of tag semantics, especially CSS and (X) HTML Doctype helps you decrease the browser compatibility issues, which will slow down the loading of your page.

Best Web Design Services

Best Web Design Services

Want to design or redesign an existing website website?

In a fast-paced world today, website websites are the front face of your company. Users go through websites that are more interesting and user friendly than those that are outdated and spent. If users or customers, they don’t obey it. To make your website attractive and attractive for your customers, you need to receive services from a professional and reliable IT Design Company.

There are many IT design and development companies that offer quality website design services. Professional direction from reputable design companies can provide positive results. Website development and design may sound easy to users, approved by planning and assistance for expected results. Before choosing which company instead, observe the company’s portfolio in detail. With this, you can easily discuss the company’s past projects, niche work and more. You can ask them about their expertise in designing software such as Java, Flash, and Adobe and others. Company prices are worth the service they offer. You should agree that the company staff approves and is professional and they meet the deadline. You can also search for the best IT companies in major search engines like Yahoo and Google. If necessary, you will need regular approval too. Ask them for website maintenance as well. You can find your friends and family also looking for the best online IT company. Choose a company that is worthy of your website’s budget and website needs.

Designers make ordinary and special website sites. If you wish to implement a conventional system, you can apply special design services. A customized website imitated by a designer from the start deserves your design. Customized web is more expensive than usual. Before choosing a website design company, carry out those that are appropriate for the purpose of implementing updated tools and techniques. Because it will help reduce the website design website rates in the future. The website design company should actually open the website prerequisites for the website, location, preferences, target customers, website properties and regions before winning what website the website actually does.

You can provide various kinds of discount incentives to attract customer attention. In tough online competitions, organize your products to meet customers with full quality assurance.

To support your success, the website of your website should be better designed according to their website. You should choose an expert website company. Professional websites that take your website to the top position using tags that will make your website appear on search engines. Companies that provide customer assistance to get your advice 24/7. Websites that offer services that can be offered to improve or solve a dilemma.

Have an attractive and sufficient website to improve your business. Get help from reputable companies that will help improve your website by using promotional content. Understand customer requests for website designers who will help customers buy products. After the completion of website design, SEO and website development are also needed. Hire a website developer company that can even save your time and energy resources. Every website that is indexed in a search engine by implementing a white hat SEO strategy will make a business sign for you.

By designing, you can get results online in a shorter period of time. This increases business functionality and growth. A user-friendly and easy-to-access website. With this system they provide news to users and can increase company sales too. Website design, website development, and SEO services provide business enhancements by increasing your sales visitors and websites together.