4 Things You Need To Look For Before Website Designing

4 Things You Need To Look For Before Website Designing

Website Purpose Built

Every website to be designed must have clear and detailed objectives. So, Pekku Goers’ job as a designer is not only to design but also to know the purpose of the website to be built. The purpose of a website consists of the vision and mission of the web master when you want to build the website and target visitors and readers who will be targeted. If you pay attention to the original purpose of the website, it is guaranteed that you will find it easier to find a suitable design.

Plan for Simple Navigation

The next important thing to know is that the navigation design must be simple. Simple that is meant to be easy to see, catch and understand by visitors and not make it difficult for them to use it. If necessary, you can manually draw the navigation sequence first while looking at references from existing websites before starting to design. Through good and careful planning, the navigation that you will use will be easily accessible and used by visitors.

Pay attention to the elements and types of design needed

If every website has a different purpose, the elements and types of design used will also be different. Every website design should be a medium to achieve the goals of the website itself. You can choose the type of design you want to use for the website, such as retro, modern, vintage, and so on. Apart from that, you also have to determine the design elements and try to always match the type of design you have previously chosen, such as the use of colors, typography and graphic elements (photos and videos).

Make a Mockup and Prototype

If you already know the three information above, don’t be in a hurry to go straight to designing it. Create several mockups and prototypes to show your clients before the website is actually built. The mockup that you make aims to provide an overview of the appearance that will be made, while the prototype can provide a functional experience when the client tries it. These two things are very important to implement so that designers and clients have the same picture of the website that will be created later.