Our specialty is providing communication solutions for ELCA Lutheran communities, however our system works with any faith-based church, camp or campus ministry looking to build a proper platform and reach their community with deeper impact.

We’ll help you magnify your mission.


As a pastor or director of your organization, we know you wear many hats. Though you are a gifted spiritual leader, seminary didn’t necessarily give you the technical and design tools to reach people in the digital age. Your time and skills are best spent in crafting your message rather than designing the megaphone needed to share it.

Mighty Megaphone is a communication design firm that helps make your faith-based community be more impactful. Our goal is to provide a streamlined communication solution to get you focused back on what you are perfect for: leading your flock.

In order to cut through the noise out there, your message has to be presented in a way that conveys authenticity and is quickly identifiable as you. This quality messaging has many working parts and they all need to be coordinated so the message can reach your people.


It takes a lot of skill, resources, time and attention to develop a proper website, newsletter, social media, (etc.) platform by yourself which can be super overwhelming and cumbersome. But you aren’t alone – there is a better way.

We have developed a streamlined solution to help you get the digital platform and professional help you need. We created our business with the specific needs of churches, campus ministries and faith-based camps in mind.

Your community deserves a better platform that accommodates both your existing members’ needs and also prospective members just finding your community for the first time online.

Our job is to keep your focus on your message, not your megaphone.

We are glad you are here!

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To discuss your communication needs or to request our
Getting Started Guide” please contact us.

Brandon Wade
Brandon @ MightyMegaphone.com
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Revolutionize the way you think about online communication with your community so you can get back to what matters most: your message – and create a process where there is:


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    Less time struggling with technology.

    No more putting on your pocket protector to post something to your website or newsletter.

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    Less focus on becoming a graphic designer.

    Sure you are a spiritual artist, but we are here to make your message clear.

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    More focus on crafting your message.

    With our system in place you can efficiently spend your time reaching out.

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Watch our brand launch film for LuMin: Lutheran Campus Ministry Network | ELCA



No one mumbles a sermon.
Your message deserves clear communication.

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    First we listen. We want to learn about the essence and activities of your particular community. We will need this information to tailor your visual identity, but it also helps us discover and suggest forms of communication new to your group.

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    Here or there

    It is always best to come and experience your community first hand. However, sometimes that isn’t possible. We can come to you or produce remotely.

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    Visual Identity

    You may or may not have a logo, but what you need is a visual identity; a packaged way to communicate who you are as a community for print and screen use.

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    Quality Imagery

    We all know that a photo speaks a thousand words, but to clearly relay your message, you need the right images. Quality images can tell a richer story with more detail.

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    Your website is your virtual sanctuary – a place people can go to learn about the activities of the church and connect with each other. Options for functionality abound! We’ll help you decide which ones are right for your community.

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    Sight & Sound

    Video is one of the most impactful tools to start a dialogue. Perfect for fundraising, our award-winning skills can build appreciation, education and reflection. Together, let’s craft a story worth sharing.

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    Creating a newsletter that is available digitally is cost effective, streamlined and you have the analytics to review how and what people read -helping you focus on your message.

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    Social Sharing

    Lift people up. Invite them in. Share with them where they are. And let them share your group with others. Social sharing gives a group personality and can be very intimate or widely social.

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    Fundraising Solutions

    Creating a ‘digital offering’ connects you to the way people actually handle money these days. We will help you meet them where they are.

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    Skill Building

    There is no one better to update your website, social media or newsletters than you. We’ll teach you how to do it in a way the maintains a high quality message. You’ll have access to our online training videos so when there is staff or volunteer turnover, your incoming replacements can be up to speed quickly.

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    Workflow Design

    Man, this stuff is overwhelming, isn’t it?! Not for us! We’ll help guide you through the entire process and eliminate the overwhelmed feeling you have and get you back to your mission.

About Our Team

Brandon Wade

Born and raised a “cradle lutheran” (ELCA) Brandon has been working professionally with churches and faith-based organizations for almost 20 years.

Jennifer Wade

Raised Catholic in St. Louis, MO, Jen has worked for and with many non-profits over her career and has been managing for over a decade.

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We want to help you keep your mind on your message,
not your megaphone.

To discuss your communication needs or to request our
“Getting Started Guide” please contact us.

Brandon Wade
Brandon @ MightyMegaphone.com
(314) 735-0266